Isaiah King A Social Entrepreneur

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There was once a time where I was totally opposed toward the idea of college, and school in general. My first year at Lasell was especially tough because I spent two semesters on conduct probation. This left me with a feeling that overwhelmingly weighed down on my shoulders. When I received the letter saying I was being suspended, I felt like I broke my mother’s heart. I appealed the decision and thankfully, I was invited to come back after promising improvement. My seemingly one and only chance to redeem my college education didn’t go as planned. I earned a embarrassing 1.7 GPA the following semester, which put me back on the brink of getting suspended again. The second suspension letter came right before Christmas and couldn’t believe that I’ve once again put my Mother through this.

All throughout my life my mother has been my main support system and the person who’s always influenced me the most. This amazing woman had me when she was 18, we truly grew up together. Her main goal in life was to provide me with something she never had the chance to experience, earning a degree.

After the second letter came, I was absolutely ready to drop out of college. I persuaded myself into thinking that I was over the fact that I had let my Mother completely down. That thought led to other thoughts, which ended up helping me realize why I wasn’t succeeding. I came to the realization that I wasn’t attending college for the betterment of myself, but instead I was there to fulfill the happiness of the one person who has always been there for me.

I sent a second appeal letter as soon as I realized what was potentially wrong in order to give my self a true chance as a college student. I was able to appeal suspension again with success that felt mighty shameful.

For the rest of winter break, I really tried finding out who I actually was. Fortunately, I was able to manifest a route that allowed me to excel as a student and as an individual. Choosing to continue my education by studying entrepreneurship was the best decision of my life and now, I’m trying to build off of that. I’ve met so many amazing people with beautiful mindsets.

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